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Certificate in Biblical Studies

평신도 및 교회에서 성경을 가르치는 교사를 위한 과정입니다. 1년 프로그램(42시간, CBS I)과 2년 프로그램 (84시간, CBS II)이 있습니다. 이 과정을 마친 사람은 본교 B.Th. 프로그램에 관한 진학 상담을 받을 수가 있습니다.

These 42/84 units programs may be taken on campus or at an off campus setting like intensive seminars. Students can take a combination of100 & 200 level courses, including 18 credits of special seminars called “Exploring the Bible.” Only 84-unit certificate may transfer to B.Th.

A student is awarded the Biblical Studies Certificate upon completion of 42 units or 84 units program with a GPA of 2.0 or above. These programs train those who will be serving as directors of Christian activities or as pastoral assistants. 

Course Requirements for the 42-unit/ 84-unit Biblical Studies Certificate

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